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Legacy Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools are inadequate to meet the requirements of modern data center environments. Under increased pressure from cloud service providers, data center managers need solutions for modern data center environments that leverage new technology to maintain uptime, drive efficiency, and boost productivity. In short, they need second-generation DCIM that is fast, easy, and complete. With a great vision for simplifying data center management with elegant software and a large base of satisfied global customers, Sunbird Software is constantly upping the ante by being at the forefront of this evolution towards second-generation Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM G2).

Sunbird Software has created a second-generation DCIM solution, which improves on its first-generation counterpart with enhanced versions of the monitoring and operations features available in legacy DCIM tools as well as new functionality for modern data center environments. “Our second-generation DCIM strategy is based on analyzing the growing requirements of our large customer base and understanding what they need to be successful,” says James Cerwinski, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing. The enhanced second-generation DCIM strategy has contemporary features such as super-fast deployment time, a complete suite of capabilities, zero-configuration analytics, automation via integration, and compatibility with what customers have.

“Zero-Configuration Analytics is the cornerstone of the second-generation DCIM strategy,” adds Cerwinski. Without any tedious configuration effort, customers can get information such as how to find stranded power capacity at a click of a button. Through Automation via Integration, the reliance on manual entry has been reduced.

Focusing on extreme scalability, machine learning, and data collaboration, Sunbird Software’s DCIM G2 provides hundreds of users within a system the ability to collaborate by sharing dashboard widgets, reports, and information. With a simple licensing model and no restriction on the number of sites, users, or assets, Sunbird Software is easy to do business with. The firm provides its own professional services as well for deployment round the clock throughout the world. Specializing in services like auditing customers’ assets and connections to migrating data from first-generation DCIM tools to their second-generation DCIM solution, Sunbird Software has assisted many customers by getting systems up and running according to a baselined project plan. Their complete solution takes care of all the aspects of data center management such as change, asset, capacity, energy, power, and environment.
When one of the largest media companies in the world needed a DCIM solution to support a project to rapidly roll out new digital video services to their large customer base, Sunbird Software met their requirements. Second-generation DCIM made it extremely easy for the engineers to plan out and efficiently implement the technology deployment with clear visual work orders to the technicians. This allowed them to keep track of and better manage all their data center resources including space, power, cooling, network, and data ports such that the rollouts could go according to the schedule without lack of resources or overspending to overbuild resources.

Client success has always been core to our culture

“Client success has always been core to our culture,” says Cerwinski. Technology partnerships are key to creating an elegant solution. Sunbird Software is a technology alliance program member with ServiceNow, VMware, and BMC Remedy. In addition, Sunbird is the strategic software partner for Legrand, Raritan, Server Technology, and CPI. Sunbird Software has coordinated with these strategic cabinet and rack PDU partners to develop a complete DCIM solution that fully leverages their metering capabilities to create highly valuable business intelligence and analytics information. Their vision is to focus on radically simplifying data center management with elegant software. Growing rapidly for the last three years, Sunbird Software has managed to earn high grades from their customers. Sunbird’s product roadmap is focused on completing its second-generation DCIM strategy with continued investment in zero-configuration analytics, business intelligence, automation, and visualization.

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