Centeris Data Centers: Leading Data Center Revolution 4.0

As companies digitalize operations to remain competitive in a globalized economy, they need to build state-of-the-art applications that meet changing requirements. The high cost of data center infrastructure leaves fast-evolving companies with outsourcing as the best option to minimize cost while maximizing flexibility. Centeris Data Centers is leading the transformation with mission critical infrastructure and revolutionary cabinet technology allowing enterprises of all sizes to cost effectively power AI and other compute-intensive applications without the associated hardware previously required. “Our cutting-edge infrastructure and ecosystem provide an exceptional degree of flexibility, alleviating tradeoffs between space and power,” says Simon Lee, Director, Centeris Data Centers.

From typical applications to high-density installations, Centeris SH1 Seattle is natively designed to accommodate up to 20 kW per rack and additional pods targeting HPC or AI applications requiring over 50 kW per rack are available. The firm has collaborated with communication services companies such as CenturyLink, Comcast, Wave, Verizon, and Zayo to provide high speed, carrier-neutral connectivity. “We invariably keep customer execution flexibility as the top priority, as evidenced by our investments in dark fiber as well as our partnerships with network providers and other components of the IT supply chain,” says Lee. Utilizing power from renewable sources coupled with cooling systems that use 100% outside air, Centeris has garnered the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold rating with its green design and power sourcing. Unlike many of its competitors, Centeris offers a multitude of options capable of meeting increasingly demanding customer requirements, giving its clients the convenience to customize systems, all at competitive rates.

In the Seattle metro, Centeris is located on a secure 86-acre campus with move-in-ready collocation and a powered shell with 30 MW and 174,000SF available for more customized deployments. With a dedicated expandable dual-fed on-site 50MW substation and an additional 1.5 million square feet available for purpose-built dedicated or shared data center facilities, the campus provides significant depth locally, regionally and internationally. As an IT power core tied into the transpacific cable systems, Centeris can also serve as the US “edge” for multinational operations.

Centeris stands out in the market with its robust engagement strategy and customer-centric business model that applies the “design thinking” approach.
Once the applications are hosted in its data center, Centeris provides maintenance and monitoring data regularly to its clients because it believes that “transparency and trust” take an organization to greater heights.

Some of Centeris’ clients—in the semiconductor space and in gaming—were ambitious early adopters of digital transformation and were in need of a data center operator that provides a substantial degree of flexibility, highly efficient cooling systems and quality network access to the Seattle market, CA, and Asia. Centeris’ ability to easily manage “hot” systems with different specifications were eye-opening for them. Forging the partnership with Centeris, the clients immensely benefited from high performance and favorable economics, including nationally competitive power pricing. “Our clients didn’t have to play the puzzle to get their calculations right in the context of space and power,” says Lisa Goodman, VP of Marketing, Centeris Data Centers.

Our cutting-edge infrastructure and ecosystem provide an exceptional degree of flexibility, alleviating tradeoffs between space and power

Centeris’ focus remains largely on the U.S. Pacific Northwest owing to advantageous climate although it envisions service reaching to other locations domestically and internationally. In the near future, the firm aims to partner with other service providers with a goal to diversify its client portfolio and to continue meeting the evolving requirements of a digital world.

Centeris Data Centers

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Lisa Goodman, Vice President of Marketing and Simon Lee, Director

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