Sunbird Software: Holistic and Cost-Effective DCIM

Ching-I Hsu, Chairman
Sunbird Software is a major driving force in the data center infrastructure management (DCIM) domain. The company’s focus on delighting customers with elegant and complete DCIM software has ensured that its data center management solution remains a cut above the first-generation counterparts that are not only slow but often require additional tools to support analytics and reporting. Sunbird’s second-generation DCIM software automatically collects and correlates real-time data with operations to improve uptime, boost productivity, and better utilize data center assets. “Our mission is to provide a holistic, cost-effective DCIM solution for complete data center monitoring by efficiently managing power issues and operational challenges without impairing uptime,” says Ching-I Hsu, Chairman, Sunbird Software.

Sunbird’s DCIM solution is a complete software suite that includes all the capabilities necessary for managing data centers, such as power and environmental monitoring, asset management, capacity planning for space, power, and network connectivity, business intelligence and visual analytics, reporting, and security. Interactive, zero-configuration dashboards enable out-of-the-box reporting capabilities without the need for third-party tools, simplifying the process of sharing data to foster better collaboration. To allow flexible discovery of existing data center assets, as well as to easily import them into the DCIM software, the company offers a library of 30,000 “smart models” pre-loaded with images, rules, and network attributes from over 450 manufacturers. Attributes for new assets—created or imported—are automatically mapped based on the selected model. Sunbird’s unique differentiator comes from its ability to help customers easily create, clone, and modify the models, without extra clicks or information collection, to customize their use in Sunbird’s DCIM solution. This reduces the amount of time required to get up and running with Sunbird’s DCIM software.

Sunbird provides a host of professional services to customers opting for its solutions. In addition to the installation service for DCIM solutions, Sunbird’s professional service engineers assist firms in integrating their existing systems for ticketing, asset management, CMDBs, and other databases through the use of open APIs. Sunbird’s professional services team has maximized ROI for several customers by transforming how they manage and operate their data centers.

Our mission is to provide a holistic, cost-effective DCIM solution for complete data center monitoring by efficiently managing power issues and operational challenges without impairing uptime

Sunbird’s successful, repeatable process includes work definition, project management, implementation, and hands-on training through webinars, videos, and other content. “Sunbird’s strategy is centered on helping customers succeed by following best practices in deployment and addressing technical problems with highly responsive technical support and services,” says Hsu.

Sunbird was instrumental in remodeling the data center floor in a project for Sydney Water, the Australian government entity for supplying water to metropolitan Sydney. The company was brought onboard when Sydney Water saw a need to modernize its data center. Sunbird deployed an implementation expert onsite at Sydney Water’s data center for project design and planning. Following the onsite visit, Sunbird’s DCIM software was used to plan and execute data center moves throughout the physical construction and remodeling with minimal downtime. Sunbird’s expert services helped Sydney Water transfer its asset inventory data to Sunbird’s DCIM database. The deployment proved to be advantageous as Sydney Water continued to use Sunbird’s DCIM solution for its other data centers with minimal remote training and support.

Sunbird’s product roadmap is strongly based on the challenges faced by customers. “We work directly with our customers through beta tests and proofs-of-concept to determine the enhancements to be made,” says Hsu. Expanding its operations to have a global presence and striving to accelerate its technology lead with second-generation DCIM are priorities for the company.

Sunbird Software

Somerset, NJ

Ching-I Hsu, Chairman

Provides second-generation DCIM solutions to overcome the shortcomings of legacy data center management tools

Sunbird Software