Sunbird Software: End-to-End Data Center Management Simplified

Herman Chan, President
The transition from analog toward digital data, stimulated by rapid advancement of digital technologies and the driving force of interconnecting every gadget and appliance through the Internet of Things (IoT), is leading to the emergence of big data. Consequently, there is an unprecedented demand for storage, network, and computing resources, creating an ever escalating pressure on data center size, density, power, space, and cooling—significantly challenging data center operations. Helping address these challenges is Sunbird Software, a Somerset, NJ-based company that provides easy and smart Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software, assisting data center managers automate the management of their resources, thereby reducing operational costs and improving reliability, service delivery and productivity. “Traditional tools being used today are ineffective in addressing the complexity of today’s data centers,” says Ching-I Hsu, founder, Sunbird Software. “Our DCIM software replaces Excel, Visio and home grown databases, and bridges information across organizational domains to maximize the utilization of data center assets.”

With the mission to provide visibility and meaningful information to data center operators, Sunbird brings in the power of accurate analytical information to address issues that negatively impact business operations. “We empower data center managers, giving them command and control of their infrastructure through integrated tool sets, which are focused on monitoring and managing the operational aspects of a data center,” asserts Hsu. Sunbird’s tools for energy, environment and power management collectively address the monitoring function to manage power and cooling costs, power capacity utilization, and to meet service level agreements. On the operations side, DCIM tools for asset, change and capacity management help operators optimize space, power and network capacity, and aids in managing tasks faster and more efficiently.

Sunbird also maintains a centralized database that stores inventory information about racks, servers, storage, and network equipment, including data on the critical infrastructure and visual mappings of power chain and network relationships.It’s this accurate information that provides customers’ the basis to ensure optimal planning and placement of future IT equipment.

We empower data center managers, giving them command and control of their infrastructure through integrated tool sets, which are focused on managing the monitoring and operational aspects of a data center

Further, the company delivers the advantage of built-in systematic workflow and change management processes that support modeling, planning, ticketing, auditing and integration with third party systems—increasing staff productivity.

Sunbird’s DCIM solutions seamlessly integrate with the existing management systems, such as ticketing systems, CMDB, or asset systems. In addition, the company offers professional services for installation, setup, database population and training to facilitate a quick start of infrastructure management. For instance, Comcast Corporation’s data center engineers needed to simultaneously plan and communicate IT build-outs to installers. Comcast deployed Sunbird’s multi-user DCIM system with full asset life cycle management from planning and installing to decommissioning. This process-based system provided management and reporting of requests; workflow and detailed visual work orders. As a result, Comcast was able to move from a collection of Excel files and Visio drawings to a SQL database to manage data center operations more accurately and effectively. This also saved costs as the utilization of resources was improved by recovering stranded capacity.

“We believe that our success hinges on understanding customers’ problems and therefore we align our innovation investments in a way that best addresses them,” says Hsu. Sunbird’s next big step is to scale its go-to-market reach. “We will explore all options to ensure that we can penetrate and expand the market with viable solutions that address the needs of the industry,” concludes Hsu.

Sunbird Software

Somerset, NJ

Herman Chan, President

Providing DCIM software for improved data center management and enhanced availability.

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