Siemon: High-Performance end-to-end Data Center Infrastructure Management

Carl N. Siemon, President & CEO
Innovative data center technologies are shaping today’s enterprise IT infrastructure by providing organizations a holistic view of optimized operational efficiency. At the same time, often data centers are seeking ways to reduce capital and operating expenses via faster deployment and by preventing downtime and optimizing efficiency. Also, they strive to keep up with the growing bandwidth requirements as they have to transmit, process, and store information from more applications at a faster rate. Siemon, a Connecticut-based company provides cutting-edge data center solutions with features that assist data center personnel to design highly-scalable and flexible infrastructures. “Our easy-to-maintain and cost-effective systems support several generations of equipment while saving space, improving airflow and power consumption, speeding deployment, facilitating reconfigurations and enhancing manageability,” says Carl N. Siemon, President and CEO, Siemon.

Founded in 1903, Siemon’s comprehensive technical support and data center design services optimize customers’ efficiency and management via 2D and 3D layouts, bills of materials, thermal analysis, and pathway and space planning. The company further delivers expert guidance on standards compliance, topologies, and architectures. Siemon is also the only carbon negative manufacturer of infrastructure components in the industry with 179 percent carbon negative footprint across their entire global operations.

LightHouse™, a family of advanced fiber solutions is Siemon's comprehensive line of high-performance fiber products for data centers. LightHouse includes configurable end-to-end plug and play systems, including LightStack™, an ultra high-density fiber system. The LightStack is complete with low-loss modules, adapters, MTP trunk cables, and 40/100Gig equipment cords, offering superior density, port access, and cable management. The modularity and plug and play capabilities LightStack offer customers an easy implementation and a seamless migration to advanced applications. “If customers want to upgrade from 10 gigabit to 40 and 100 gigabit applications, they can simply swap out existing Siemon MTP to LC modules with MTP adapter plates and then select from a variety of our 40/100 equipment cords that best suits their application,” says Carl.

Furthermore, Siemon’s LC BladePatch® is the industry’s unique duplex fiber jumpers for high-density fiber patching environments, featuring a revolutionary push-pull boot design to control the patch for easy access.

Our comprehensive data center design services and technical support optimize customers’ data center efficiency and management via 2D and 3D layouts, bills of materials, thermal analysis, and pathway and space planning

“Our data center solutions also include high-performance copper connectivity, and high-speed interconnects,” says Carl. “We also offer an innovative range of data center cabinets, including Siemon’s VersaPOD® cabinets that leverage the Zero-U space between bayed cabinets to optimize space and airflow and intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs) designed to monitor and manage power.”

Siemon’s clientele includes companies from multiple vertical markets, one-third of which is comprised of Global 500 companies. For instance, the L.A. Dodgers were looking to upgrade their major league stadium when Siemon assisted them to deploy the VersaPOD cabinets in the main equipment room to take advantage of the Zero-U cable management and vertical patching capabilities. Inside the cabinets, the L.A. Dodgers installed Siemon’s intelligent PDUs to deliver reliable power to the IT equipment. They also terminated single mode fiber using Siemon’s Quick-Pack adapter plates housed in RIC3 enclosures that provide superior accessibility to and protection of the fiber.

Going forward, Siemon is expanding its LightHouse family. “We recently announced a new 4U version of our popular ‘LightStack’ fiber plug and play solution,” says Carl. The company is planning to introduce new data center products such as hot aisle and cold aisle containment solutions and pre-configured cabinets for fast and modular-based deployments. “Our new EagleEye™ software combines automated infrastructure management with future data center infrastructure management capabilities, including capacity planning, power ,and environmental monitoring, virtual machine management and more,”he concludes.


Watertown, CT

Carl N. Siemon, President & CEO

Provides high-performance end-to-end data center cabling infrastructures for organizations across verticals.