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Gilenson, CEO
During a 13 year tenure at Mercury (acquired by HP), Sasha Gilenson, current CEO of Evolven, saw the way enterprises were increasingly facing issues with critical business systems either underperforming or failing. He witnessed the ways in which gaps in IT Operations created problems, and looked at it from a new perspective. Just as Google came and revolutionized the world of Internet search, Sasha envisioned a similar revolutionary approach for handling the abundant data that IT teams faced in maintaining performance and availability of their business operations. “Evolven applies a new IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) approach to the critical IT operations challenges in on-premise and hybrid cloud environments, turning the big data generated by operations of IT environments into actionable insights,” says Gilenson.

The Evolven approach addresses IT pain points with a Blended Analytics solution that extracts insights and draws intelligent correlations from the various types of data produced by multiple systems across IT silos. Evolven provides key IT decision makers with the ability to see more than the individual parts and finally get the whole picture, by blending data from such varied sources as log files, changes to configuration, network traffic, performance metrics, and alerts from applications and other types of data through a prism of change.

Evolven’s advanced analytics applies machine learning to process and cross-correlate millions of data points in near real-time, identifying unknown and advanced threats across petabytes of machine data. Evolven’s Blended Analytics analyzes connected data to identify abnormal conditions or gradual trends. Imbued with cross-correlation and statistical anomaly detection, Evolven IT Operations Analytics Engine can send timely alerts when anomalies appear, and pinpoint strange behavior in environments before a full-fledged incident occurs.

IT specialists can realize why environments are not operating as expected, and take the necessary steps to resolve issues before their users are impacted.
In 2012, VSE, a major defense contractor, underwent significant changes when it moved its offices and built a brand new state-of-the-art, fully virtualized data center. As the servers were virtualized and copied to the new data center, VSE not only needed to verify that no data was lost during the transition, but also faced major risks to environment stability. VSE ultimately selected Evolven’s IT Operations Analytics. “It took just minutes for us to learn the basic functionalities of it. There were no special training requirements, and it is very easy to use. We were able to roll it out in a day," says VSE's Vice President and CIO, Dave Chivers.

While there are many players in the market for IT management systems, each of them strongly believe that the answer to an organization's problems can be found only in the area that their product examines. Few provide a comprehensive look at the IT environment, considering a variety of data sources, and make it possible for IT staff to find the root cause of performance anomalies.

Evolven's IT Operations Analytics gives enterprises the ability to blend data from multiple sources as varied as system logs, network traffic, monitoring tools, and configurations

Moving forward, Evolven aims to expand its services and global footprint. With Evolven, the industry can apply greater intelligence to the data center and cloud. “Blended Analytics will drive this intelligence, allowing us to raise the level of IT automation to include self-healing and self-administration of environments. Within 5 to 10 years, we will see multiple vertical analytics that will merge into a unified analytics layer to serve as the ‘brain’ of automated IT environments. As a pioneer and innovator of the ITOA space, our goal is to provide this brain,” concludes Gilenson.

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Gilenson, CEO

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