AIP US: Right Technology to Ensure Cost Effective Solutions

CIO VendorMin Wang, Founder & CEO
IT industry is on a path of embracing cost effective and reliable technologies. New ideas, which have the potential to change IT world, are being experimented on a daily basis. Being an industry veteran with 18 years of experience across Fortune 500 companies, Min Wang, President and CEO at AIP US, constantly had a vision of providing cost effective Data Center Solutions to businesses. “IT budget has been stagnant or going lower over the years, and data centers, being a major cost component of customer’s IT budget, has to look for ways to reduce cost capital and expense,” says Wang. AIP US addresses these constraints by providing customers with consulting and architecture service to provide a consolidation blueprint with reduced Total Cost Ownership over years.

Headquartered in New Jersey, AIP US is an expert in Unified Communication and Data Center or virtualization solutions. The company provides customers with design and implementation services that offer the latest technology, in order to meet the demand for a better and faster service from the end user. “Many customers lack the knowledge and the experience to deal with the ever-changing technologies and environments in a data center sector. AIP US has always risen up the bar by providing managed services for on going and issue escalation services,” adds Wang.

Server Virtualization, one of the flagship services of the company aims to provide customers with speed and flexible access to the data and the ability to do more with less. The company achieves this by reducing the number of servers by using latest and more powerful servers, consolidating applications, combining some and migrating certain apps to the cloud. Further, its disaster recovery services utilizes hosted or cloud-based infrastructure to provide disaster recovery functionalities.
At AIP US, we ensure that quality in product and service is not affected due to competition,” says Wang. “We face competition every day and we have to stay focused. We think and execute on the leading edge—bringing our clients creative, cost-effective solutions”, he adds. AIP US does not believe in one time business with any customer, a long term relation is what the company looks at. This translates into becoming a one-stop shop for SMBS—providing managed service to them on the completion of system integration and, becoming their trusted partners and a part of their operations.

Being in an industry where innovation is constant, AIP US is actively working with leading technology manufacturers such as Cisco, Microsoft, and VMware to offer the latest and best solutions to their customers. One such case needs a special mention, where AIP US helped a government client to migrate their current physical server environment to cloud based Amazon Web Services virtual data center. This migration allowed the customer to achieve overall reduction in ongoing operating cost as well as capital investment.

The core capacity of data center lies in providing speed and flexible access to data to its customer with the ability to do more with less criticality

Going forward, customers will have more demanding needs for technology including managing an ever larger and more complex environment. It will create many opportunities in larger markets. “To meet these demands, AIP US plans to increase our data center offerings including partnering with more technology and service providers and offer hosting and cloud based products to our customer base, especially in the Small and Medium Businesses and government clients”, says a confident Min.


Parsippany, NJ

Min Wang, Founder & CEO

Provider of cost effective data center architectures and solutions that will allow businesses to improve tehir ability to quickly deliver new services.