Correlata - The Ultimate way to analyze & maximize your IT infrastructure investment

Pablo Horenstein, VP of Technology, holding Product Management & Sales Engineering roles, Correlata
Pablo Horenstein, VP of Technology, holding Product Management & Sales Engineering roles, <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>Correlata</a>

Pablo Horenstein, VP of Technology, holding Product Management & Sales Engineering roles, Correlata

Businesses are looking nowadays, in uncertain times of COVID-19, after new solutions in order to realize how their IT investments are contributing to reduce costs, mitigate risks and generate business grow; or in simple words –maximize profit.

The demand for cloud services has skyrocketed as more and more business owners see the various benefits to migrate their business, partially or fully, to the cloud. Having said that, there are still many business owners who aren’t exactly rushing towards this technology with open arms and are looking for solutions to identify the true usage of IT services prior to take decisions whether to optimize their existing investments or consider cloud migration.

When considering migrations to cloud services, it is essential to evaluate the best way to do it ‘smart’, identifying which IT resource allocations are providing value to the organization and migrate only what provides value, avoiding copy-paste the environment as-is.

Correlata encompass the answer to the pain that all medium to large enterprises are facing – Inability to extract Business Indicators from technical metrics by embracing a Proactive analytical approach for the IT infrastructure, as it is been used by business application layers.

While vendor tools focus on operational aspects working in silos, and management tools focus on consolidating events and incidents by managing alerts and incidents; there is a missing layer where IT leaders do not intercept inefficient infrastructure allocations and provisioning and do not highlight and anticipate risks of service availability and data recovery as a result of ongoing cross-domain analysis.

Correlata, the cognitive operations & Data Intelligence company, Business-IT centric analytic platform, fills the gap left by vendor tools, that focus on operational aspects working in silos and also by management tools that focus on consolidating events and incidents acting in reactive mode to embrace ‘problem to resolution’ cycles rather than using a proactive approach to eliminate potential problems prior to negatively influence the business. 

Correlata performs in-depth analysis of IT infrastructure resource & service allocations by collecting data from heterogeneous objects of an organization's IT Infrastructure. Correlata CorreAssess Analytics platform is a non-intrusive solution, with focus on areas such as investment efficiency, risks mitigation,  business alignment, Compliance and "True-Sizing" at grass-root level. 

Organizations adopting new technologies as part of their digital transformation journey seek to reduce risk and improve efficiency while maximizing their investment with existing resources and solutions. However, the addition of new tools and advanced technologies can, in some cases, negatively impact existing processes and workflows by adding cost and complexity.

This is the trigger where Correlata, the data intelligence company focused on enabling enterprises to analyze IT infrastructure environments, announced recently general availability of a new cloud-oriented service that integrates valuable data from customer’s environments with sophisticated cloud-based analytic insights.

Correlata cloud service allows business and technical roles to seamlessly tap into actionable intelligence, mitigating service availability & data loss risks and increasing the ROI of their existing IT investments and workflows. Leveraging critical context, exactly when and where business grow needs it, Customers can eliminate time-consuming tasks and streamline workflows, never ending correlation of in-context information, avoid multi-disciplinary expertise in-house resources, and additional third-party solutions.

“Execs, Managers and LOB owners can directly access Correlata cloud service insights from any location, giving those on the front-line vital context on how to make the most of their existing investments to improve efficiency, reduce costs and mitigate risks " noted Pablo Horenstein, VP of Product Management at Correlata.

Using Correlata cloud service, customers can proactively identify anomalies, risks and miss-alignments by setting pre-defined metrics. Data is ongoing collected from customer’s environment and enriched insights are continuously added from Correlata cloud service to provide analytical insights using a web browser.

Summary: Correlata platform generates smart analysis, identify blind spots of inefficiency and provide the best way to re-organize owned IT deployments, conduct migrations to Data Center collocation or quantify the real need of cloud resources when migrating to cloud services.