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Tom Currier, President & CEO
When we talk about the IoT, words that often come to mind are mostly around smart cities, autonomous cars, superfast streaming or big data. All these terms have one thing in common—the need for extremely low latencies. However, in the current environment, the delay in transferring data from large data centers to end users does not allow for the needed speeds. “To address this issue, technology infrastructures need to move closer to the edge,” explains Tom Currier, President and CEO of Rackmount Solutions. Rackmount is a technology infrastructure provider that specializes in customized modular data centers (MDCs) that can be placed closer to locations where data is being generated and processed.

Having started as an IT hardware company 16 years ago, Rackmount has evolved to be “one of the few companies that provide a truly customized solution in the edge data center space. Most companies offer 3 or 4 pre-fabricated off the shelf products at set power designs (e.g. 100kw, 250kw or 500kw). We design and build to a customer’s specific needs taking into account potential future growth and scalability”. What sets the company apart from the competition is its approach. When designing MDCs, Rackmount’s design engineers work with the customer from the very beginning. Engineering the entire infrastructure—from the cooling solution, generators, power, UPS, racks and cabinets to interface overlay— Rackmount creates a containerized solution to be placed out in the field, closer to the edge. Being product agnostic, the firm delivers turnkey customized solutions with the best possible components in 12 weeks or less.

After reaching an agreement regarding the components and specifications, Rackmount goes through the manufacturing process. Starting from a sheet of steel—be it a UL certified or an ISO containerized solution—the designed components are built, and the final product goes through a series of comprehensive tests to ensure that all the criteria are met. The solution is then deployed on site, and alongside Rackmount offers a service contract in the customer desires.
John Baker, Vice President, Business Development
A major automotive manufacturer’s outdated data center could not take in more high-power computing processors, and they were on the lookout for a purpose-built data center that could be installed at their facility. Rackmount came in and designed a 40ft MDC in the client’s disused parking lot by setting up three containers that each held 17 racks of equipment. The client’s high-density computing equipment placed in each cabinet generates around 100 kW of heat; however, the cooling components installed prior were so massive that there was not any place left for the client to store more equipment. Rackmount came up with an efficient rear door water cooling solution that allowed them to have three times more equipment in the same footprint and achieve incredible power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.21 with 1,380 kW of processing power. This enabled the client to secure an ROI within 12 months as they were able to increase their productivity and revenue.

“Once 5G is up and running it will take us through the next three to five years in terms of the offerings that we are bringing to market,” says Currier. With 5G’s promising speed and faster response rates, it will really be the catalyst, which will bring rapid deployment of MDCs over the next several years. Traditional large scale data centers have used AC power as their main source; Rackmount Solutions believes that future data centers will consider DC power and plans to evolve and focus on bringing more DC powered products—particularly in the 48-volt space—to market. “The efficiencies with DC power over AC are numerous, and we are seeing more and more equipment coming to the market being directly powered by DC”, says Rackmount’s VP – Business Development, John Baker. In the data center space, new technologies are on the horizon with better insulation methods, improved UPS and battery technologies for longer backup times. Rackmount Solutions promises always to be ahead of the market and at the forefront by offering technologies that are the cutting edge so that its customers can move away from traditional data centers.

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Tom Currier, President & CEO and John Baker, Vice President, Business Development

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