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Brooks Snow, CTO
Lume was created with the idea that we should be able to deploy and manage a customer’s cloud environment from any location in the world and not be restricted to just the facilities that we own. The customer shouldn’t be forced into using a data center location that doesn’t 100 percent meet their needs, just because a provider doesn’t have a facility there. That’s why we created the Cloud AnywareTM model,” says Brooks Snow, CTO, Lume.

Snow explains that when a company builds its own facilities, they are naturally motivated to put their customers in those facilities—even when it is not in the best interest of the customer. This is precisely what Lume is trying to avoid. The company has a global footprint of edge data centers, enabling organizations to choose the facilities where they need to be in order to gain greater access, low network latency, better performance, and application availability. Lume does this by partnering with the best data center providers all over the world and operating from within those facilities, rather than building and owning the facilities. “We’ve built and operated our own facilities in the past so we know data centers like the back of our hands. However, just because you own the facility doesn’t mean that actually helps the client. Our model allows us to leverage the best data center providers all over the world and provide the most flexible and cost-effective solutions to our clients, in the exact location it needs to be. Location is everything,” adds Snow.

Lume understands the global market’s requirement for compatibility between the cloud and an enterprise’s application. The combination of the right cloud infrastructure and application, results in the freedom and flexibility to optimize performance, cost, security, and compliance. To this end, Lume’s Cloud AnywareTM allows clients to choose the infrastructure type best suited for each of their applications and also choose the data center location where their infrastructure is hosted. The company’s premium solutions provide more control, better performance, and increased reliability to organizations with an exceptionally high level of customer service.

Aware of how applications, networks, and infrastructure are interconnected, Lume focuses on the application requirements first and designs the infrastructure solution from there.

The customer shouldn’t be forced into a location that doesn’t 100 percent meet their needs, just because a provider doesn’t have a facility there. Hence, Cloud AnywareTM

“It is all about the application,” says Snow. By combining application knowledge with an understanding of the organization’s business and location requirements, Lume designs the infrastructure solutions that are tailored to those requirements. Once they have the infrastructure design complete, they add services to manage or co-manage as much, or as little, of the environment that meets the customer's needs. Moreover, to meet the demands of the market, Lume keeps a constant eye on their competitors and listens to their customers’ feedback.

Snow cites a case exemplifying Lume’s competence. A large law firm was challenged by the need to refresh their eight-year-old on-premise infrastructure. Lume designed a private cloud solution that allowed the firm to utilize a data center in the right location to meet their required performance, security, and compliance requirements. Lume also redesigned and upgraded the firm’s network connectivity and topology for each office location, helping them to become ‘cloud-ready.’

Driven by the demand for hybrid solutions, the company also offers colocation solutions in addition to their suite of managed cloud services, VDI, and disaster recovery solutions. This is a result of their recent partnership with CyrusOne. The partnership, announced last year, allows Lume to expand their footprint of edge data center locations and offer retail colocation solutions. "One of our goals with colocation is to bring the ‘premium, wholesale experience’ down to the retail level and make that same experience and level of service available for the smaller end users,” concludes Snow.


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Brooks Snow, CTO

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