Future-tech: Resilient and Energy-Efficient Data Centers

James Wilman, CEO
The world of IT is undergoing a major change with data centers evolving from cavernous low density rooms filled with legacy servers to super-efficient, smart systems that are flexible, and hyper-connected, providing on and off premise hybrid systems. In such a scenario, designing and building data centers that are well-aligned with a company’s business objectives is not an easy task. Coupled with poor planning, lack of communication, resource deficiencies, and uncertainty about the future, organizations often face delays, cost over-runs and the risk of building a facility that is not fit for purpose. “What companies need when designing or acquiring a data center is expertise in certain vital aspects like server workload, network bandwidth, power density, and energy efficiency,” begins James Wilman, CEO, Future-tech. Encompassing deep knowledge of data center development in its DNA is, Future-tech—a company that possesses specialized know-how in designing, building and supporting data centers for various industry verticals and both the public and private sector. “From greenfield data center development to the conversion of existing and legacy buildings, we play a key role in providing specialist data center services for our clients,” says Wilman.

With over 30 years of experience in delivering best practice for data center development, Future-tech branches out its capabilities in three main categories. Wilman and his team provide specialist knowledge and services covering each part of a data center’s critical infrastructure. Their expertise ranges from due diligence for M&A, and design and construction management to strategy development and life cycle planning. “Each of these services are spearheaded by our highly experienced and knowledgeable teams, leveraging the necessary skills, qualities, and ethos to ensure smooth delivery of projects and the information our clients need to ensure success,” evinces Wilman. “This, combined with our dedication to embrace robust design and operational principles and novel innovative approaches, lets us ensure agile, cost-effective, and increased operational efficiency for clients,” he adds.

As a recognized veteran in the data center landscape, the company follows a unique methodology, where Future-tech conducts in-depth stakeholder meetings to precisely understand a client’s business needs.

We are completely vendor neutral, a factor that helps us embrace innovation, free from the restraints imposed on firms tied to a particular technology provider

This is followed by the preparation of a high-level data center design document that includes performance specifications, plan drawings, and 3D concepts to analyze and outline the most apt solution for clients. “We are completely vendor neutral, a factor that helps us embrace innovation, free from the restraints imposed on firms tied to a particular technology provider,” asserts Wilman. Besides delivering the right solution for clients, Future-tech conducts audit and risk analysis, site surveys, and peer reviews to guarantee effective data center operations.

Future-tech’s approach and attitude is one of vested partnership. The company adopts the values and outcomes of its clients and takes these to its core. This assimilation and integration provides a deeper and richer understanding of the project requirements and ultimately results in better data centres. “We genuinely aim to become an extension of our clients’ business,” Wilman states. “We flex and change our commercial and business structure to support clients in the most appropriate way. This approach has meant we have client relationships that span more than 20 years and more than 80 percent of our projects come to us via client referral. This is something we are very proud of.”

Such relationships are a manifestation of Future-tech’s practice of prioritizing client objectives before their own. “As we continue to grow, we would like to provide our core services to U.S. based organizations that wish to acquire or develop data centers in the EMEA region. We believe our values of openness, collaboration and vested partnership coupled with our specialist knowledge and pedigree positions us as the partner of choice for EMEA data center projects,” says Wilman.


Wokingham, UK

James Wilman, CEO

Delivers resilient, energy and cost efficient data centers to enterprises along with support and maintenance services.