SMB SaaS Vendors Need to be Made Easily Accessible to Customers
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SMB SaaS Vendors Need to be Made Easily Accessible to Customers

By CIOReview | Friday, February 14, 2014

FREMONT, CA: No technology discussion today would be complete without mentioning the rise of cloud computing in the small and medium sized business sector. For SMBs, however, the cloud is far more than just the latest trend. It has become a tool that is fundamentally reshaping how they run their businesses and the results they are able to achieve.

LivePlan a business planning company allows SMBs to create business plans and report upon their financial performance. It is both a planning tool and a reporting one. LivePlan pitches itself as a tool to help businesses produce funding applications and give investors and others clarity as to how they’re performing against the plan created within the application. LivePlan is integrated with Xero, the cloud-based accounting system and as part of the new integration is offering a 30 day free trial for users.

Ben Kepes business advisor of the contributor narrates an instance that happened when he tried signing up to the application and was greeted by a credit card payment screen. Yes, to try out the application he needed to put his credit card details in. It’s not so much a free trial as a credit against the first month’s subscription.

He further adds on saying,” Now I know that this makes their product stickier (or at least much more likely to convert customers) but it’s also a significant barrier to people trying the product. LivePlan might just be a transformational tool for my business, but loathe as I am to sign up to a paid product from the outset, I didn’t have a chance to find that out. I moved on with the rest of my life and LivePlan lost a potential customer. Now pricing of SaaS apps is a black art I know, and there are multiple issues to balance here, but mandatory credit card entry for a free trial just seems the wrong way to go for me.”

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