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Data Center Modernization: Topping the Agenda for Digital Transformation

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Data center modernization has become the utmost propriety for many businesses as their business operations expand, and more employees work remotely. By modernizing data centers, businesses can become more agile.

Businesses that are still depending on private or on-premise cloud data centers which use little or no form of public cloud will be soon at a strategic disadvantage. Microsoft (Azure), Amazon (AWS) and Google Cloud platform are some of the global technology players, who provide public cloud services, with these, modernization can be easily adopted into businesses. Data center modernization which includes cloud solutions can be a backup for data. In the process of modernizing data centers, businesses can be exposed to sophistications like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, quantum computing, the Internet of Things and other range of upcoming technologies.

However revolutionizing the modernization of data center may appear there are a number of limitations since cash flow, cost and strategic factors are taken into consideration during adoption. Areas that would generate profit from the modernization of their data center, assessment of current infrastructure and check if the investment is worth it, ways to optimize storage, assurance of no harm to existing workloads, and enough resource to maintain the new upgrades are several factors that needed to be considered beforehand.

With the risks of aging infrastructure, businesses are turning to modernization to provide additional security for data centers. A recent report, by IDC, says that data center planning and processes will be added and will form a crucial part of businesses’ roadmaps; about 30 percent of their sample set of companies will be accelerating digital transformational efforts.

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